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Synchronized In-Video Intelligence empowers 5 strategic dimensions

Of any ott services, broadcasters & pay tv operators

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Customer Experience


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  • Smart-Thumbnails
  • Binge-Markers*
  • Smart-Preview*

Thumbnails are representative of your content and are strategic. They are the first point of contact between your users and your videos. It is measured in click-through rate. Choosing the right image was manual and took editorial teams hundreds of hours. Smart-Thumbnails automates all of this workflow with a flexibility that allows perfect control of your editorial line.

Binge-watching has become a standard. Not offering “Skip Intro” or “Next Episode” means being immediately devalued by users. The implementation involves for each episode of a series a manual detection of the beginnings and ends of the credits. Binge-Marker automates all of this workflow, providing unprecedented scalability. An entire video catalog can be processed in a matter of minutes.

*Coming Soon

Users are increasingly spending more time choosing a video to watch. Helping them has become essential. Offering a taste of the content with a mini-trailer or representative snippet has proven to work. But it's very costly, it takes several hours of video editing to achieve a result. Smart-Preview automates this with a flexibility that allows perfect control of the final result.

*Coming Soon

Supports attention & UX Standards Challenge

Increase your Click-through rate

Reduce your operational cost & increase revenue

Content Discovery

Makes your videos discoverable & searchable

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  • Public Figure
  • Smart-Labeling
  • Smart-Segmentation

Allowing your users to browse your video catalog by personalities (cultural, political, scientific, and people…) is to increase exponentially the number of entry points to your content; your search results and having unprecedented web referencing. With Public Figures from Synchronized more videos seen, more time spent and a strong increase in customer satisfaction.

Automatically qualifies your video content with editorial tags and labels that dramatically improve your search engine optimization and content recommendation engine. Thanks to the high-quality data extracted and automatically generated by our Artificial Intelligence. Configurable editorial rules allow you to fully control your editorial line.

Transforming your long recurring formats, such as a television news or a late show, is time-consuming and not scalable. With Smart-Segmentation, this work is automated, which boosts your catalog while improving your user experiences. No more fiddling with the playhead to find a point of interest as you move through the timeline. They can now search through the video and browse by topic.

Supports content enrichment, moderation & transformation

Increase lifetime value of your content

Helping users discover content they want to watch

Monetisation & Advertising

Grow ads revenues & generate new opportunities

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  • Smart-Ad Breaks
  • Smart-Overlay*
  • Contextual-Ads*

In a video, the markers allowing a commercial break are either placed by hand with great care, often for linear television, or they are placed arbitrarily for digital which can generate editorial aberrations such as cutting out dialogue. The award-winning Smart-AD Break is the solution that delivers 20 times more productivity than manual labor, for better user experience and higher revenue.

Smart-Overlay automatically detects new placements in your video content to add dynamic and interactive banner ads. This will increase your advertising inventories and your income on digital platforms.

*Coming Soon

By combining several techniques developed for the Synchronized Platform, such as automatic content segmentation, qualification with tags and labels and automatic detection for advertising markers, Synchronized Contextual-Ads allows you to implement contextual advertising on your video-on-demand platform.

*Coming Soon

Enables contextual & personalised advertising

Increase productivity by 20X

Enables innovative ad formats


Track consumer journey and detect trends

The Synchronized In-Video Intelligence Platform understands the content and context of a video and automatically enriches it with metadata. With this data, you can now understand the behavior of your consumers, their tastes and interests, with an unprecedented level of granularity. A powerful tool to drive your video platform to the next level.

“If you understand what the consumers are clicking at and what they’re watching, what they are abandoning and what they are interacting with, what they are sharing and so forth. That’s great but if you don’t know what specifically is in the content, it’s kind of what i’d like to say: one hand clapping. You need to understand what’s actually in the content that triggers these interactions”

Christophe Kuthan profile
Christopher Kuthan

Head, Worldwide Media
& Sports solutions Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Synchronized's In-video insights data graphic software

at scale

Automate delivery of editorial tasks

TV channels are traditionally organized to handle a maximum of 24 hours of content per day. As consumption is now digital, the volume of videos per month is increasing day by day, making impossible manual-work to exploit videos in the digital world. Thanks to In-Video Intelligence’s Synchronized platform, you will find the scalability to develop your video-on-demand business successfully.

“Manual delivery of editorial tasks is no longer scalable”

Nicolas Lemaitre profile
Nicolas Lemaitre

Digital Director
TF1 (France)


Per hours of content



Creation of Thumbnails
45 min
ADs Break Markers
30 min
Binge Markers
10 min
Segmentation of Content
2 h
Creation of Trailers
1 d
Qualification of Content with Tag
Not doable manually
Detection of Public Figure
Not doable manually
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In-Video Intelligence platform, the hub for all in-video time coded metadata, objects and assets

Time coded metadata, objects & assets

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Synchronized's laptop software
  • Studio
  • API

Analyzes each individual video-frame and soundtrack to collect large amounts of time-based content and context data. This raw data is then introduced to predefined editorial & business logic rules to be transformed into time-coded objects.

The user interface for non-tech users eg: journalists, community managers and editorial marketing teams. They are able to easily review, edit and publish all auto-generated timecoded objects without specialist training.

Publishes and distributes auto-generated time-coded metadata, objects and assets to clients ecosystem. We automate digital workflow, asset creation, and enable our clients to build rich & personalised user-experiences across their entire video inventory. Improves SEO and content recommendations, revealing unprecedented consumer insights and generating new opportunities to monetize the content.


Smart-Ad Breaks

Public Figure



Binge Markers*



Contextual Ads*

Upcoming Service

Upcoming Service

Upcoming Service

The Synchronized platform is open, modular and based on configurable editorial & business logic rules.

It integrates easily and quickly into any customer ecosystem.
Clients can activate Synchronized services according to their needs.

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What our customers say ?

The result is better than when we did the work manually

Marianne Chauvet profile
Marianne Chauvet

Editorial Marketing Manager
MYTF1 (France)

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